About Me

Below you’ll find links to my various sites

I suppose my three biggest passions are writing, illustrating, and voice acting.

I like writing creepy and unsettling stories that make you feel a breath at the back of your neck. I currently have one published novel and am always working on more.

I have taken quite a liking to combining watercolor with my unique style of ink line art. having some accompanying creepy illustrations for my stories is such fun.

The extent of my voice acting is minimal and mostly relegated to narrating and really getting into the roles of my own stories. One day I’d love to branch out more.

I suppose there’s a forth hidden passion for games, but I’m more of a enjoyer than a designer. If the shadows could talk, they’d know all too well how many hours I’ve wasted away playing video games or messing around with trading cards instead of furthering myself in any any of the above listed endeavors.

Some of my current Projects

Devious Tales – My YouTube channel where I read through some of my short stories.

Eldritch Eclectics – My Etsy store where I sell limited supply of some of my artwork and books. Lots of stickers, and a few other oddities not available anywhere else.

Devious Illustrations – My Artist page where I show off some of my illustrations in progress.

Sentiaverum – The book series I’m currently working on. The first book is currently available for sale on Amazon and a limited supply of signed copies on my Etsy store.